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Autumn Oak Beagles



Autumn Oak is a small hobby breeder of show Beagles - though I cut my 'eyeteeth' with field lines, breeding for a true dual purpose hound. Over time, my priorities drifted ever more towards conformation, though I have always been and will continue to be focused around producing versatile, intelligent, merry, genetically sound representations of the breed. All our Beagles are tested for MLS (Musladin-Leuke Syndrome) and are screened for other breed specific genetic health issues before we even think about breeding them.

I've owned this breed since 1994, starting with a stray lemon & white female and continuing with my second, Deputy, a bluetick from a pet store. He taught me a great deal not only about the breed but of what constituted ethical breeding practices. In spite of his issues, I began researching in a search of another Beagle, and quickly became so disheartened with the dogs I came across that I stopped looking for a pet pup and restarted with intentions finding one I might field trial... and show. Back then ('02), this was unheard of, with maybe a handful of breeders taking the concept of a dual purpose hound seriously.

Over a year later we found Heidi (Belladonna Sweet Poison), a Branko bred bitch who seemed to be the epitome of everything I'd been looking for. My hopes of the show ring were soon dashed when it became apparent her back was exceptionally long and her front gait was a bit off, but regardless, she did have uncommonly good type for a field dog. She became the foundation bitch here, and her pups have been some of my best. My first show dog (CH Camma Farms Vanity Fair "Bailey") was acquired in '08. She earned her championship with four 4pt majors, though turned out to be one of the gamiest hare hounds I've ever hunted with. The next show dog proved Bailey was not just a fluke, and I've been hooked on show Beagles ever since...

All my hounds are raised in the home - never kenneled - and we do not often have litters on the ground; once or twice a year is average. Pups are sold only to screened, responsible homes, never to pet stores or brokers, and we also reserve the right to refuse any sale. We do NOT ship pet puppies, however shipping is available for show homes. Written 3yr health guarantee is provided, and all pet quality pups are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Autumn Oak Beagles is located in the north Bronx, easily accessible from the tri-state area and beyond.


"Friar Tuck" 10/10/05 - 5/1/10






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Autumn Oak Beagles

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